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Convinced ?

You and your housemates are already convinced by our project ? Or you simply wish to know more and want to meet us to talk about it ? Fill in this form and we will get back to you to arrange a meeting and tell you all about the first steps to becoming a Kologa House Share !

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Convinced ?

You have the refugee status or subsidiary protection ? You are more than 20 years old ? You want to share a house with Brussels youth of your age and share your daily life with them? Don’t hesitate and fill this form in. We will arrange a meeting as soon as we receive your form to make sur we find a house share that meets your expectations !



“At first, when I started living with people, I wonder ‘Why?’. I thought I wouldn’t be happy. I thought they would be different and I was a bit scared actually. I thought many things would be different. My life is very different from your life. I thought the food would also different… And yet, little by little, I started to feel comfortable around my housemates. Yes, I feel good and I might even feel better in the future.”