Kologa, the end of a journey

31 March 2021

Hello to all of you who have supported, contributed or participated in Kologa,

After three and a half years of activity, we have decided to put an end to this project with a heavy heart but also with resolution and serenity.

These years have been extremely rich in encounters, in lessons learned and in questioning. Our work and the objectives we have aimed at have led us to develop new perspectives on the issues we wanted to address: interculturality, the fight against racism, access to housing.

The perspective of the refugees on the project was a major factor in these changes of viewpoint. Like many others, we have also questioned many of our assumptions as a result of the rise of decolonial and political anti-racist critiques in the public debate.

As we came to grips with the concrete realities of this project, and as we reflected on all these issues, our political vision evolved, slowly moving away from some of the principles on which Kologa was built.

Today, we feel that the project and the way it is carried out no longer correspond entirely to the values we want to carry, and especially to the way we want to carry them. The adjustments necessary to make this happen require a major revision of the project, and an energy that we are not able to bring as a team after several years of volunteer work in this project.

It seems therefore more appropriate to us to put an end to this project as we have conceived it and as it exists today, and to redirect our energies towards other dynamics that seem to us more adequate, better thought out, and more capable of solving the problems we wished to address.

You will find more detailed information and extensive reflections on the reasons that led to the decision to end Kologa here.

We will stop here, but you should know that Singa is developing a new service, in addition to their temporary accommodation project “CALM”, that is similar to Kologa : support for refugees who want to move into a shared flat or house.

We also wanted to make sure that the groups we helped to form would not be left without resources. You will find here a list of associations and contacts to deal with different types of situations. The Singa team said they are ready to receive requests for advice, general guidance and referrals to other contacts if needed. (Do not hesitate to contact them at the following address: info@singabelgium.org.)

Please also know that the remaining funds of the association have been donated to the Marius Jacob Foundation, which has a democratic process for the distribution of their funds to support activists, collectives and social movements that fight to transform our society.

The entire Kologa team thanks you for the time, energy and attention that made this project possible.

We wish you a safe and rich journey!

Anaïs, Ahmad and Sam